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group from Melbourne consisting of Dj Peril, N’fa ; Kemstar. Formed in 1997, first release in 1998. Winners ; Nominees of multiple ARIA ; Australian Dance Music Awards.

1200 Techniques is an Australian hip hop group consisting of the old school 80’s Aerosol Artist ; Founder Dj Peril (producer/percussionist/dj), N’fa Forster-Jones (vocalist under the name Nfamas) and Kemstar (guitarist).
The group have been described as “an important part” of the mainstream recognition of hip-hop in Australia,[1] whilst drawing influences from other genres including rock, funk, soul, electro, drum and bass, electro jazz and breakbeat

Now this was well ahead of its time and still wouldn’t be out of place is somebody dropped it today which is always a good sign. These dudes were definitely a part of the very first wave of Rap music being made in this country being taken seriously on radio stations and festival stages. Peril is one of the essential building blocks in this scene for a bunch of reasons but this tune and the doors it helped open for the rest of us is pretty slick accolade. – Funkoars
. To date, the major labels have only really looked at groups who have some sort of crossover appeal – and most of the time, in this land of rock, that can be best achieved by working with a band.

According to 1200 Technique’s DJ Peril, Sony were more interested in their live act rather than their demos. “It was a matter of timing. Sony came to us. It’s not how it usually happens.”

The purists don’t really see 1200 Techniques as operating within the traditional Australian hip-hop scene but that’s not what they were set up to do. Peril states that their aim was to appeal to a larger Australian market “of people who like to hear eclectic music. We never went for that straight up hip-hop edge because we weren’t [straight-up hip-hop].”
The group is surprisingly humble about their success. In their acceptance speech for Best Hip-hop Act at the 2002 Dance Music Awards they even went as far as saying that they didn’t believe they were the best hip-hop group in Australia because of all the other groups that they like and respect. “When you win the award for best hip-hop act and you aren’t you feel a bit funny accepting that.” – Mark Pollard

Appeared on the Nodfather compilation released in 2003