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Tell us about 1point618 and how the band came about?

It came down to a matter of survival. Initially we started working on tracks along with Cable Tasman as Myspherical. In 2006 Cable moved to New Zealand, leaving T Boogie and myself to continue the legacy. We kept working on music and it naturally evolved into 1POINT618.

What drew you into Hip Hop?

I’m from the Beat Street, Wild Style 1980’s generation AKA the pre packaged four element effect from New York. So the whole struggle and raw energy of 1980s hip hop is what grabbed me and as a subculture, there was nothing else like it.

Who would be the greatest musical influences?

First up, Public Enemy. I grew up on their sound and attitude towards hip hop. I’d have to also include Prince Paul as he has produced some of the best hip hop albums in the 80’s and 90’s and finally I reckon the RZA has subliminally sculpted my production style at some point.

What would you call the greatest Hip Hop release of all time?

Damn, tough question. Public Enemy – It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. I still listen to this album and it motivates me to keep making music. What’s hot and happening in your hood at the moment?

Alot of good artists working on albums to be released in 2009. I won’t let the cat out of the bag but keep your ears open for some good shit from Melbourne city in 2009

What do you do besides create music?

Besides my day job and family, producing beats takes a huge chunk of time out of my day.

You’ve just released your debut self-titled album. How did you tackle the process of creating a debut album? Was it daunting?

The album is a loosely based around the concept of leaving one’s legacy. T Boogie has crafted topics to convey his thoughts, concepts and philosophy on this concept. Creating the album was fairly straight forward. I normally start off with a sample loop it up or chop it and flip it add some drums etc and give a rough bassline for T Boogie to work on. He’ll come back with some lyrics and a concept and we work on it together from there. The only daunting thing was knowing when to stop and say “that’s it, the song is finished.”

How did you choose the band name? What were other potential names that were scrapped?

T Boogie does a fair bit of reading and came across Fibonacci and the whole Golden number 1.618. Anyway, without trying to explain what 1.618 is we agreed on the name. Potential names that were scrapped include Slap618 & T Boogie Ray, and The Super Awesome hip hop funk a dunk crew.

What plans have you got for 2009? New Release? Tour?

Yes to both. Keep checking for tour updates etc.

Finally, a few words of advice to offer aspiring artists that you’ve learnt?

Just let yourself be yourself and if you’re not having fun creating the music don’t force it. Move on and start working on something else.