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Having rocked shows around Australia for over six years and released a debut album in late 2006, the group is ready to click into a new level of game with the release of its next project, “Watch Kulagina”, in early 2009.
The original members of 206collab – MCs Flip+Skip, Eno, Shamrock and DJ/Producer JPlatnum – played their first shows together in 2002 at venues around Sydney, including the Nufunc open mic and battle night (RIP) at Greenwood Hotel. The next few years saw the group push their live performance to new heights at Battleacts, Nufunc and other shows around Sydney, both headlining bills and sharing stages with groups the likes of 2Up, The Herd and The Brethren.
There was always a shared ideal amongst the 206collab that hip hop is rooted firmly in the ability to own a stage and rock mics and turntables, and to that end they devoted themselves, gaining fans from every new crowd they played to.

By late 2005 however, more than three years after first stepping to the stage, all members of the crew felt that it was time to share their music with broader audiences. They chose a number of tracks from the arsenal to polish up, and decided to put together a few more pieces to show where they’d developed their music to at time of release.
206collab’s resulting debut LP – released in October 2006, almost over four years after the crew first stepped on stage – was aptly named “What You Waited Years For”, and received wide coverage and acclaim in Australian street press, radio and television.

It was in writing their debut release’s closing track – “Below the Surface” – that the 206collab first featured the soulful melodies of female vocalist, Tiffany Hairman. Recognising the depth and musicality Tiff’s enchanting voice brought to the group and forseeing the way she could enrich their live performance, the 206collab invited her to perform with them on their east coast “What You Waited Years For” launch tour.

Tiff’s live presence and consistently powerful vocal performance inevitably earned her an invitation to join the group proper in early 2007. This helped to fill the void created by the departure of the beloved Shamrock from 206collab in mid 2007 to pursue his faith.
206collab has continued to rock shows in NSW and interstate through 2007 and 2008. Tiffany’s presence has complemented the energetic and twisted humour of the original crew with a soulful, melodic dimension to produce a deeper, more varied and mature style of hip hop.
Having waited years to unveil their second release as well, 206collab eagerly anticipates unleashing this next level of music on the world with “Watch Kulagina” in early 2009.

Having continually pushed their live performance and music to new heights for over six years, the only thing 206collab fails to do for their audience is disappoint. Don’t miss their next show. Ears to the ground for “Watch Kulagina”, and eyes out for strings attached…

Hip hop eccentrics 206collab – rappers Flip+Skip and Eno, DJ/rap wunderkind JPlatnum, and soulstress Tiffa – are shifting into a new level of game with their second full-length album, Watch Kulagina. Inspired by Nina Kulagina, a Cold War era spy with psychokinetic powers, the 206 effortlessly consume listeners with dizzying lyricism and hypnotic

beats.  206 COLLAB is MCs Flip’n’Skip, Eno and Shamrock and DJ/Producer JPlatnum. All hailing from the north side of Sydney, the 206 boys have cultivated a stylish, jazzy and energetic style of hip hop and a strong but light-hearted identity as a crew. Their album titled, What You Waited Years For, represents the group’s cheery recognition of the reality that a debut release is in fact well overdue. The 206Collab have been rocking shows since 2002, when they started as regulars at venues in North Sydney, notably the popular Nufunc open mic and battle nights held at Greenwood Hotel. The group expanded out into the Australian scene from 2003 onwards performing explosive live shows at Sydney venues such as The Globe, The Gaelic Club, @Newtown, The Lansdowne Hotel, The Hopetoun, Excelcior and UNSW Roundhouse, and in Melbourne at Hi-Fi Bar and DJ Peril’s Bliss Lounge. 206Collab have played alongside a plethora of famed Australian groups and artists including Koolism, The Herd, Bliss n Eso, 2Up, Fizard, Brethren, Maya Jupiter and DJ Flagrant, as well as playing support for infamous UK beatboxer Killa Kela on his Australian tour. Having focused on and gained renown for their live performance and stage presence over a number of years, 206Collab are now well and truly ready to record and send their produce out for the world to hear. Despite this being the crew’s first release, the members of 206Collab are no strangers to recording and production. The “collaboration” ingredient of the name reflects the group’s culture of encouraging collaborative work with other artists to innovate and create fresh new music for fans of Australian hip hop.

Debuting as a recorded group with their guest appearance on the fast-paced Makin’ Moves from 2Up’s 2005 release Players Club, each member of the 206 crew has individually worked with a number of other Australian artists. What You Waited Years For will be released through Creative Vibes in early October 2006. The album has been mixed and mastered by IFA, Battletown and Fizard veteran Weapon X, who has released (amongst much other work) the acclaimed Nodfather compilation and the Sneakerpimpin Ain’t Easy LP with Ken Hell in recent years. Weapon X has collaborated with an extensive range of distinguished artists including US rap veteran Chino XL. The album artwork is courtesy of James McCallum, eccentric illustrator, crazed animator and CG artist for Disney and Animal Logic. What You Waited Years For features an impressive array of Australian talent on production, including Melbourne artists Weapon X and Aux One, Sydney’s Fame, Rookie Productions and Standard Issue, and 206’s own JPlatnum.Musically, the album’s tracks travel through a diversity of moods, from the funky, energetic vibes of Too Oh Six, A Flagrant Affair and You Don’t Know, through the harder-hitting Deadly Concoction and Tough Justice, to the softer, reflective ambience of Below the Surface, which features the sweet harmonies of female singer Tiff.


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What You Waited Years For
What You Waited Years For
AU $29.95