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A1, Jay Lekz, RonGotti, Malik


Thank you to all our fans from all over the world and to our loyal fans from the 21 Innerwest Sydney.

We had planned to film and release this music video this weekend for all our fans and people from the area. However, Strike force RAPTOR had spoiled the party and the shooting of the video clip was unwillingly shut down in Guildford.

The NSW police continue to harras and prevent the artists of 21 District from having a VOICE. We only want to be heard! But NSW police have arrested all members and court cases are still pending on all the artists. Two of our members are still in prison (RonGotti and Malik) and a prohabition order preventing artist Mac 11 from working with others of our group. Further orders complicate our distribution of merch and performing any live shows.

Even Though the oppression from NSW Police… We will push through. We will overcome. The show must go on!

21 District is NOT a gang. We are a community from the innerwest of Sydney who only wish to express our heart through our music.

21 District only desire to inspire people to dream bigger, #StayHUNGRY #StaySTAUNCH! And Never take a backward step!

God bless
‘Ofa lahi atu
21 District