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Benny Lago, Beluga Eissa Moey Mac Cheese

3K formed in 2017, to represent Melbourne as a cultural hub for music & diversity. With members living all across Melbourne, they draw on the uniqueness of their suburbs and family backgrounds, to produce an intoxicating experimental hip-hop sound. 3K is a force to be reckoned with. Dropping their first EP ‘Don’t Panic’ in 2018. They’ve seen their following go from few, to cult-like.

Sound Doctrine – Tommy Faith, 6 April 2019
“I can’t write this without pointing you at something a little older, this signal of intent from early 2018 called ‘Woof!’, which I cannot move past for a whole swathe of reasons. It’s got so much colour and life and the lyrics are momentous, in particular the one from Beluga where he claims to have “never been in a car that’s parked”.”

ACCLAIM – Joel Adams
“On the back of music video’s like ‘WOOF‘ and ‘SITCOM‘, they already lay claim to an aesthetic and sound uniquely their own.”