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750 Rebels consists of nine Karsniogenics artists being Brothers Stoney (Lazy Grey and Len One); Miss Brown and DJ Dce; Town Drunxxx (Jake Biz, Ken Oath, Overproof, Kilsz and Dj Lopsided) and recently added member Bigfoot.
The calibre of artists among 750 not only demonstrates their ability to remain a prominent influence in underground hip hop, but also their incredible and indelible dedication to the art of true hip hop.
We rise against the status quo and established authority. A brotherhood bonded by more than a measurement of volume. Our clothing is as incendiary as the cloth that burns in a Molotov cocktail. Winning is a short sighted goal, we play the long game with integrity..
750 Rebels. Respect the name that maintains respect in the game.

750 REBELS formed in the mid 2000’s as a sort of super group made up of KARSNIOGENICS artists who were regularly performing along side one another on stage. The artists were BROTHERS STONEY, THE TOWN DRUNXXX, KEN OATH, MISS BROWN & DJ DCE, who often collaborated on each others music from time to time during those years. It just made sense to the collective to solidify the already known name from 750 REBELS first inception in the mid 90’s when initially formed by LAZY GREY.Today 750 REBELS comprises of artists LAZY GREY, JAKE BIZ, DJDCIDE, OVERPROOF PETE, BIGFOOT (of Melbournes Hired Goons), AKIDCALLEDCHUBZ, KEN OATH, MISS BROWN, DJ LOPSIDED, LEN ONE and LINZ (Ironlak Writer Team). The crew are the most well established group on the Brisbane hiphop circuit, well renown for the highly energetic live shows that are touted as second to none by all who’ve witnessed them on stage.750 REBELS (in various formations of the artist lineup) have headlined stages for SPRUNG HIPHOP FESTIVAL, STANDUP FESTIVAL, and performed all around Australia for well over a decade & a half now. The list of touring artists that 750 have supported over the years is extensive to say the least; with performance credits featuring national and international artists such as – GHOSTFACE KILLAH, MF DOOM, MOP, RAEKWON, THE LIKS, JEDI MIND TRICKS, BRAINTAX, RA THE RUGGED MAN, TIM DOG, KOOL KEITH AND KUTMASTER KURT, JEAN GRAE, DJ JAZZY JEFF, LORD FINNESSE & ROC RAIDA, SWOLLEN MEMBERS, LOOTPACK, ACEYLONE, MYSTRO, SCRIBE; and national acts such as LYRICAL COMMISSION, CRATE CARTEL, HOSPICE CREW, HIRED GOONS, BIAS B, FUNKOARS, HILLTOP HOODS and many more.