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Emcee / Graphic Designer / Freak Genius
Member of – Stucci Brothers / Frank Castle Entertainment
The visionary yet reclusive Rigorous solo artist a.DD is a fan favourite. He and Bigs go back to the early 80’s where they were forced to associate as infants. Thus leading to their brotherhood as the Stucci Brothers. a.DD’s unique style and view of life makes every track a new adventure. Joined the label officially in 2003 as part of the original roster.
a.DD features on 9 Rigorous releases as well as other projects on his own label Frank Castle, alongside Kid Selzy. His debut solo album ‘The Same Ugly Business’ (2007) featured a collaboration with Bootcamp Clik’s Sean Price & Starang Wondah. He has also worked other international artists such as Slaine, Tame One & Louis Logic.
Aside from the music, a.DD has been the lead graphic designer for the label with over a dozen CD artworks to his credit, and hundreds of posters, flyers, garments and advertisements. A vital piece of the puzzle that is Rigorous Recordings.