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A.GIRL is the moniker of 19 year old Hinenui-Terangi Tairua. Growing up in Western Sydney, the connection to her family’s Maori homeland of Te Hapua in the north island of New Zealand runs deep. A.GIRL is a nickname given to her as a child by her musical family. Her artist heros are broad in genre – ranging from Freddy Mercury to The Weeknd but the contemporary R&B and Hip Hop influences in her style are self-evident.

The title of A.GIRL’s debut single “2142” (pronounced twenty one forty two) is the postcode where she lives. The track is about the dark side of living in her area and samples the recording of a young woman she knows being arrested by police. It’s an all too common scene in the 2142 postcode area.

A.GIRL’s second single ‘Play’ (released 23 August 2019) taps into her inner Goddess and is resonating with worldwide tastemakers and alternative radio.



Heralding the new guard of hip hop up-and-comers direct from Western Sydney is RnB songstress A.GIRL – the moniker of Hinenui-Terangi Tairua. Her singles ‘Play’ and ‘2142’ are loaded with synths, thundering kick drums, and her signature silky sweet vocals, expertly harnessing sensual RnB stylings to tell stories from the suburbs she calls home. A.GIRL is serving artistry, sensuality, storytelling and swagger at the tender age of 19, so she’s sure to wow us for years to come. –