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Soul singer/song-writer born & raised in Adelaide, South Australia. Adrian Eagle vocalises over reggae, soul, hip-hop & acoustic flavoured beats. Adrian shares his journey of overcoming suicidal mental health issues & weighing a life-threatening 270kg when he was 17yrs old. Adrian hopes to help other kids battling mental health issues with his message of self-love & positivity. Adrian Eagle’s debut E.P is currently in the process, projected to release first quarter of 2018.

A pillar of resilience, Adrian Eagle has documented his struggles in life through the spirit of gospel music. First gaining attention through a Facebook video, the Adelaide-born rapper uploaded a cover of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, at a time where he was desperate for salvation. After struggling with trauma from an early age, Eagle admits that hip-hop and music gave him hope. “I think the reason why I liked hip-hop growing up is because a lot of artists I was listening to were raised by single mums and they came from nothing,” he told In Daily. “They came from housing trust or government housing like me, but they used their background to turn it into a positive.” Since then, Eagle has become a household name in Australian hip-hop, collaborating with the Hilltop Hoods and Thundamentals while supporting Eminem on tour. Last year may have seen Eagle rise to prominence but 2019 is all about soaring to new heights.