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member of Field Trip, Goatmob, and, Los Town Sophystz

Aetcix was an orginal member of the Hungry Humans Crew that formed in 2004. With collaborative releases and a dope solo EP tiled One Fell Swoop; Aetcix brings heat to any track he blesses.

 I was a big fan of Get Smart back in the day,  so it started off as Eighty Six, and kinda just evolved over the years, for various reasons, into what it is now.  I’ve tried to fuck it off in favour of other names a couple of times but it sticks like flies to shit.

I met Thorts in Geelong while i was visiting mates sometime in ’99.  We were both familiar with each others raps from spittin’ on The Formula, and started hooking up regularly along with a gang of other dudes, just bustin’ raps and shit.  It was early 2000 that Thorts and I went on an incredible adventure together and decided to start a group.