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Macmillan ‘Afroking’ Muyola graced the shores of Perth, Australia in 2009 after leaving the motherland of Zambia, in search of broader horizons.
Having discovered his passion and talent by pure accident on the school grounds, scribbling away in class to laying out rhymes in over lunch breaks, Afroking was always well-received and cheered on by his ecstatic peers. “Deep down, I felt good knowing that I had the talent to pour my heart out into song and get people’s heads bumping. That was the start of my passion for music right there.”
Coming a long way since school-yard rambles and competing in high school concerts, Afroking reached the finals competing against 41 other schools in the MyBigCompetition of 2011. 2012 saw the beginning of getting involved with the Local Hiphop Scene; his most recent shows including the MC Freestylers battle at the BackYard Party and the Perth Sneaker Swapmeet performances.
“18-year-old Afroking stole the attention in an a-cappella explosion of lyricism and charisma, sending the audience into cheering hysterics.” – Colosoul Magazine, 11 February 2012 [BackYard Project Party: Hiphop Edition]
Afroking takes the best attributes from each of his top four idols; the charisma of Ludacris, the lyrical acrobatics and intricate metaphors of Lil Wayne, the depth and realism from Eminem and underground grime of Chamillionaire, procuring an unmistakably unique sound.
Afroking’s most unique talent is his ability to engage his audience with his elements of wit and surprise. “Even if am rapping about a serious matter, I still wanna make sure I leave a smile on the listener’s face”.
Coming under the wing of Kayla Xkembri and being inducted into the X-Rayze Productionz crew in 2011, Afroking’s prospects are brighter than ever; with both his debut mixtape and his collaborative mixtape with local singer/producer Adrian.D set for release later this year.
Looking under the gigantic afro and past the seemingly rough exterior, Afroking is also actively involved in giving back to the less-fortunate community, since his introduction to C-Mixx Community Development, an organisation dedicated to helping and mentoring disengaged youth. “I see myself being one of the first internationally renowned artists to come out of Zambia and helping all the aspiring musicians that aren’t lucky enough to have the resources and opportunity to get into a studio and show the world what they got”.