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AKA BROTHERS, who also released a 3-track 12″ single in 89 “Coming Out Large/Poetry In Motion/Tall Poppy Sundrome”. 500 Pressed,50 covers were stencil painted with a AKA logo in two colors by Pac D and Ransom

This is when Australian Hip Hop music was truly born. It had crunchy breaks, funky scratching and the true aesthetics of Hip-Hop styles courtesy of RANSON, CHOICE CUTS and PAC. Years later in 1990 they released another 12″ single “What Is It/On the T-Cozy Tip” also on STRAIT UP records. They also took this with them when they performed at the New Music Seminar “Standing On the Verge” gig in New York in 1990

A.K.A Brothers – Coming Out Large – 1990 –
A.K.A Brothers – On The T-Cozy Tip – 1990 -.
Coming Out Large / Poetry In Motion 12″

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This was given as a promo to someone. I am not even sure if it was actually released. I have both of their 12″s but have never seen the LP….

The track listing is

“Prelude / What it is / Coming Back Double / definition Rebuttle / Cocaine ‘ Coolin OUt In Summer / PMT / You Want Dead / Food and Water / Coolin Reprise / t cozy tip remix / A Trooper and a Party Pooper / A Ten ; A Ten / Millie / get Yourself Together / Dumbass / Big Man / Merda / 101 Verses For A Mic Chord…

The AKA Brothers performed at the New Music Seminar in New York (this seminar became one of the most important music conferences of the time). Def Wish Cast went on to sell around 6-7,000 copies of their debut album – a feat few have come near to surpassing – Mike Pollard

Known to have Inspired Trem

Artwork — Merda Producer — Ransom Scratches — Choice Cuts, Ransom Vocals — Ransom, Pac