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Based in Perth, Western Australia, Alex Parkman infuses a blend of Hip-Hop and RnB to connect with his fans.
As a Zimbabwean born immigrant, He moved to Australia with excitement for his new life. With the challenges of adjusting to a new culture, Alex quickly found comfort in knowing that music transcended all cultural barriers. For him, making music was a gateway to connect and form a sense of belonging. He realised good music could be appreciated by anyone from any culture, so he firmly set his sights on establishing his sound.
Over the years, he developed a love of genres such as Rock and RnB which he went on to draw inspiration from. He then implemented his own unique style of new wave, Australian Hip-Hop shortly after this. With his raw emotions, Alex leaves no stone unturned as he often delves into his personal life. Alex is an artist on a mission. A mission to connect the world through his music.