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Tom Gaynor (born 21 February 1991),[1] better known by his stage name Allday, is an Australian rapper from Adelaide, South Australia.[2] Allday became active in 2011, when Gaynor began uploading his music for free online.

Following his works becoming increasingly popular, he moved to Melbourne to pursue a serious career although, as of February 2017, he is now based in Los Angeles, California.[3] His works have been influenced by bands such as Silverchair, Frank Ocean, and TLC.[4] Allday released his debut album, Startup Cult, in July 2014 to Australian audiences. Startup Cult achieved success and reached number three on the ARIA Charts.[5]Gaynor sometimes raps under the alter ego, MC Disturbance
“A lot of Australian hip-hop is trash,” he told Paper. “It’s not current. It’s a sham. I feel like to be in hip-hop, one of the things you need to be is effortlessly cool. The best hip-hop artists ever have been icons of culture and fashion as well.”

“People forget that you have to have a part of your personality that really makes you stand out. That’s a really big part of it. This is what separated me from these other dudes. Not that I think I’m cool, but I always did what I wanted to do and that resonated with my audience.”
“I’m not going to do anything different, just to become a rapper. I’m just going to be me. I’m going to hang out with the girls in clubs, I’m going to go to rock shows AND I’m going to rap. It’s about being you, and the more complex, the better.”

“The weird thing is that I was at hip hop shows and battles in Adelaide when I was around 12 or 13,” he says. “I was at all the historic events of that era – I was definitely a little Aussie hip hop kid, catching CDs all the time. I feel like, by the time I was old enough to make my own music, I no longer related to that subculture as a whole. I didn’t want to be bound by living up to the expectations of a bunch of old dudes that were living in a bygone era. I didn’t see anyone whose life I wanted to replicate.
“I’m glad I did my own thing. There was no-one I had to suck up to or bow down to. It’s never been a big deal – it’s just the way things unfolded.” “I may like to poke and prod when I talk about it in interviews, but Australian hip hop has a really good history. There’s been a lot of good music, and it took a lot of their music to exist in order for artists like me to exist. I’m on Twitter, I’m on Facebook – if anyone wants a list of great Australian hip hop albums to dig into from its history, message me.” – Allday “There’s no gatekeepers any more,” declares Gaynor. “All the ones that were there before are at home with their kids. We’re the new gatekeepers. We decide what goes on, and there’s so many great rappers that are influencing the way things are going. Genres are just blurring more and more. More popular rappers now sing, as well – definitely more than those who don’t.”