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Anubis Form was the creative vehicle for Julian Morgan and Tim Pearce from 1984 till 1987. Anubis Form produced two songs, two videos to those songs + released one single. Anubis Form also produced the music for an art installation for artist John Martin + created a soundtrack for an ABCTV documentary. The video for Itchin’ in the Kitchen received two awards as well as heaps of TV airplay. Writer Paul Hayes did the styling for Jonni as well as coming up with a number shot ideas, he also did the initial film edit for Itchin’. The name Anubis Form is the was inspired by artist Angela Knight’s obsession with the image of the Anubis + attempting to create a name like Depeche Mode, but funnier.

Tim works at a TV station mixing the sound. Julian writes music for television and videos + makes lifestyle videos. I hope the irony came through.

Julian Morgan 2007

A song, a video, a legacy. With almost 20 copies sold worldwide Itchin’ in the Kitchen was probably one of the most unsuccessful records of the 1980’s. The lack of sales had probably to do with it only being available in five stores. ‘A video doesn’t a marketing plan make’. Ironically the video was in high rotation on the Australian music video television shows. The video also won a couple of awards.A DJ from Poland picked a copy up whilst he lived in Oz. When I was working in Darwin for a few months in 1987 I met a young guy who knew the the words, I was impressed. – Julian Morgan 2007


Incredibly rare Australian custom Electro / early Hip Hop / New Wave 45 from 1985. Side one has a female vocal rap while the B-Side is an instrumental electro version. Apparently it had a custom press run (300?) but the story goes that only 20 copies were actual sold. What happened to the rest of the copies is unknown. –