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Angus ‘FatGut’ Younga, DJ Elev8, Chains One, Royalz, Esvee, Simple Simon, Tommy Gunnz, Cax One, Didji, Murphs One

Associated Illness: Emcee’s, Dj’s, Beat makers, and Graff writers all in one easy to consume package like some 2 minute noodles.
Associated Illness is a unique underground hip-hop super group, who is defined by the fact that the beat-makers, the DJ, and the graffiti writer, are equally as important as the emcee’s.

GRHYME Production’s Associated Illness is a melting pot of emcees, DJ, producers and artists all immersed in hip hop culture. A.I started as a loose idea in 2007 that grew into a tight-knit collaborative group straddling across all elements of hip hop, apart from break dancing. Associated Illness don’t dance. It ain’t that type of party.