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Being involved with hip hop for over 15 years (as performer and peripheral), I went by many names: including Tha Neva Endin Bref (my beatbox alias), and Duk3 0f D4rkn355 (my emo alter-ego).

As Jared Jekyll, they have toured with Tom Green and DJ Douggpound (Eric Andre & Tim & Eric); and opened for Rap superstar DMX! But why Ayspay?

I had been trying to conjure up the perfect MC name for literally years, until one day I asked my dad how he would describe me. He said, ‘A space cadet!’.

Offended but intrigued I mashed it together with my childhood obsession around Pig Latin to form Acespay Adetcay. I then made it as phonetical as possible for ease of spelling purposes, and dropped the ’t’ to make it roll off the tongue.

Ayspay Adekay has been turning up the heat on Australian hip hop with their queer-positive approach and a focus on exploring mental health (struggling with Bipolar). With intricate flows, abstract lyricism and the hookiest of hooks, Ayspay delivers an eccentric and decadent cocktail of the future.