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2016 & 2017  West Australian DMC Champion

DJ Name: Bace KadetWhen did you know DJing was the gig for you? After joining my mate in being the local house party DJs for our friends and family! From there it escalated up to club sets and battles.What’s your most memorable musical moment? I have to say, this year’s win at the WA DMC’s is definitely now my most memorable musical moment!!What release should everyone have in their collection? (and why?) I personally believe everyone needs a copy of Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers. I believe it is one of the best albums to sit back, relax and just bang from cover to cover.Who’s the act everyone will be talking about in 12 months? (and why?) Zeke Beats! After recently returning from his US tour, no doubt he is going to turn it up in the next year! Super keen to see what he has in store.
What can punters expect to hear when you’re in control of the dancefloor? Expect to hear your favourite tracks mixed in a way you’ve never heard before! From deep house to hip hop and dubstep to grime, I like to keep it interesting and love mixing between genres.

Performed on The Apocalypse Tour 2019 with Menace, Alex Jones, Shadow, Fraksha, Diem, Scotty Hinds, Son Of Sam, Posseshot, Bace Kadet & Jasper