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BAD MATH is an experimental, hip-hop, beatmaker from Sydney. Hiding behind an animalistic mask the mysterious figure is inspired by 90’s hip hop workflow. Focusing on collecting sounds from vintage hardware, BAD MATH takes a ‘hands-on’ approach when composing his celestial ‘out-of-time’ rhythms.
BAD MATH released his debut beat tape “Celestial” on the 22nd Of Feb 2018. “Celestial” received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans, radio and blogs alike.
“Composing and performing mainly on Roland’s beastly SP-404 SX sampler, Bad Math’s beats instantly echo the wonky, floaty, and imperfect hip-hop popularised by J Dilla or Mos Def. It’s perfectly sloppy, falling from one rhythm to the next but never quite tripping up.” – HAPPY MAG.
“‘Celestial’ is the artist’s debut beat tape. A wild set of five tracks that bend, weave and congress through alternating sounds, samples and musical timeframes. An air of unrest lies within the mixtape, its beats never place a sense of complacency in the listener—remaining on edge throughout, as if the time signature and structure of the track will collapse and warp into something all together at any moment.” – AAA BACKSTAGE.