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Bare Minimum formed from humble beginnings in the back blocks of the remote Kimberley location of Broome in 2008. After all crossing paths on the journey of life Philth and Thoars met at High School in South West W.A. Later residing in Broome and meeting Silasybin of Nimbin, Prozac & local lad Juleson via the close knit yet small underground music community of Broome town. The lads were inspired to start writing tracks in the early 2000’s after having the likes of Cyprus Hill, Wu-Tang & Eminem to name a few on regular rotation. While the Australian HipHop scene grew, the boys indulged in festivals, gigs and battles around W.A. The original concept behind Bare Minimum is that the lads were laying down demos with the bare minimum of essential equipment, crafting their skills on a shoe string budget. Within the isolation of the Kimberley came the limited exposure, although taking the initiative to grace the stage at open mic nights and local pubs on numerous occasions. Bare Minimum later got the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Lord Dazastah (SBX, Downsyde), Queen Layla (SBX), Bliss n Eso, Zeke, Bryte, Adam Crook, Paulie P, Matt Gresham & Quiver. The year of 2012 has been a big one for the boys with the anticipated release of their debut the Bare Minimum EP dropping earlier in the year, of which was recorded, mixed and in part produced by Lord Dazastah (SBX, Downsyde) with features from Porsah Laine (SBX), Bryte MC and Matt Gresham. Also with additional production on the Bare Minimum EP from Shroomz Beats, Paulie P & Mr Mischief. Since the release of the Bare Minimum EP the Bare Minimum Crew have embarked on an epic Australian West Coast tour spreading the good word of West Oz HipHop from the South West of W.A to the Kimberley Region and just about everywhere in between. Performing and recording harder than ever Bare Minimum are set for their next release early/mid 2016 so keep your eyes peeled and an ear to the ground. The Bare Minimum Crew are quick to rock a crowd with their stage charisma and definitely hold it down for Broome town.