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Beefy Black is an Australian Rapper originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. He began making music under the rap duo THD. Notable songs are Dreamzz and Mxna Lxsa (Pronounced Mona Lisa). Staring off as a dancer in his hometown when Beefy moved to Brisbane he couldn’t find a crew which suited his style of dance so not long after he started rapping to keep his love for music alive. He began performing at his high school during Friday assembly in front of the whole school and facility. The confidence boost inspired him to follow his dreams to become who we all know today as Beefy Black

Dee Ruz


Previously in a dance crew before moving to Australia in June 2012, Beefy could not find any dancers who had the same style or technique as he did. Which forced him to then transition into music. First performing in front of the entire school and facility at the age of 13 his love for music grew. Once compulsory learning was over he took up music class where he perfected his craft for his remaining 2-3 years of high school. His always been musically gifted from a young age and cannot stay still when music is on. He live and breathes it.