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Having been an active member of the Adelaide Hip Hop community for over a decade, emcee and producer Ben Iota (AKA Bornski of Hip Hop groups Adroit Effusive and Common Cause) is back.

After taking a hiatus from Hip Hop to concentrate on studies, travel and to live in remote Indonesia, a new artist with a fresh and somewhat unique perspective to Australian Hip Hop has emerged. Ben now approaches music as a writer, with fewer attachments to the scene, and a perspective that more often that not looks outside of the suburb, state and country that he lives in, posing some big questions. This is socio-political music from a lived perspective, underpinned by inquiry and the need to explore.

In 2012 Ben Iota the emcee teamed up with friend and musical comrade Matchless Gift on production to write, record and produce a series of songs in a time of inspired energy. Having freshly finished his studies as a mature-aged student, and with an overseas move on the horizon, the songs just fell out. 2013 sees the release of this collaboration – “Born Free”.

Songwriter, emcee, vocalist, karaoke enthusiast, from Adelaide, residing in Darwin.
Adroit Effusive. Butterthief, Common Cause.

band members

Ben Iota: vocals- written and performed Frequent collaborators: Dan the Underdog, Matchless Gift, Realizm, Social Change, Visionz, Motion, Mesha, Adroit Effusive, Common Cause



‘Jazz’, the album… what is it?

It is Hip Hop music, with Jazz in the DNA. Made locally, while keeping a wide-view lens. Beats for the lounge, words for noggin. Relevant now.

Ben Iota: Words. Member of Adroit Effusive, contributor of the Butterthief collective, formerly of Common Cause.

Dan the Underdog: Beats. Member of Northern Versifiers Firm (NVF), formerly of Catch the Fly.


Ben Iota- ‘Jazz’ (Produced by Dan the Underdog) (CD LP and digital album)
Ben Iota- ‘Once the People Feel the Hunger’ (Featuring Raven) (digital single)
Ben Iota- ‘On To The Next’ (digital single)
Ben Iota- ‘Born ‘Free” (CD LP and digital album)
Adroit Effusive- ‘The Album’ (CD LP and digital album)
Common Cause- ‘With a Purpose’ (CD LP and digital album)
Adroit Effusive- ‘Part E’ (vinyl EP)
Common Cause- ‘Common Cause’ (12″ vinyl)
Adroit Effusive- ‘Part A’ (vinyl EP)
Bornski and Motion- ‘Introducing’ (CD demo)

..and many features on collaborators’ releases