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PK CREW is signed to Sydney super-label POR KHUNT PRODUCTIONS. BENJI has released a solo album, “I’M NOT A RAPPER” It is available on iTunes and throughout Australia now. Store listings and film clips on website ( PK CREW have released “Fewcharz Dark” .  STATS, KAOE & DJ DODDGY make up the rest of the crew. They have been performing since 2004.

I love this guy but that’s coz I am him. Search Benji PK on YouTube, Google or nearly any streaming service for my latest stuff, as well as my debut ‘I’m Not a RaPPer’. For ‘I’m Not an Addict’ and ‘I’m Not Done’ my artist name on streaming services is still just Benji – no PK yet. Search PK Crew for our 2011 album ‘Fewcharz DarK’ – search Benji & Nebs for our collaborative EP ‘Nobody Knows Anything’. Contact me at  or Benji –

vocals and beats Stats, Kaoe – Additional vocals DJ Doddgy – Turntables