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DARAH MUSIC presents – Big Luke – Luke Street


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01. Guess Who’s Back

02. Daddy’s Little Girl

03. Welcome To Luke Street (feat Darah)

04. I’ll Be There

05. 10,9,8,7 (feat Darah)

06. We Go On Forever (feat Darah)

07. Can’t Hold Me Down (feat. Darah)

08. Dream Large (Do It Big) (feat Darah)

09. Oh U Mad (feat. Darah)

10. Never Going Back


DARAH MUSIC presents Darah – i believe in revolution

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8.         Blackfella Revolutionary (feat. Dubbzone, Antwon The Don, Buddy Blair, DTA Mob, Big Luke)


DARAH MUSIC presents South Side Kings – Southern Hemispheres Finest –


Featuring Big Luke, Darah, Morgie Morgz, T.R., Young AK, Sel, Kal Ak and Dubbzone.


DARAH MUSIC presents Big Luke – Message From A Black Man –


DARAH MUSIC presents Darah – Aboriginal Style (The Album)

Download Link –

7.         Raw (Feat. Big Luke, Kal Ak, Timmy Rog, Young AK)

10.        Aboriginal Style Remix (feat. Big Luke, DTA Mob, MC Ekko)