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Hailing from the cityscapes of Sydney in Australia, Rap/EDM/Hip Hop recording artist & music producer, Bigg, began hitting the ground running in the music realm since 2006, and has been building an insatiably impressive music career since that time.
As a Vietnamese producer, Bigg was born in Ha Noi; a place where Rap & Hip Hop is scarcely known. But at the age of 10 when his father played an Eminem CD in the car, the young aspiring artist was hooked and eventually began researching more into the prospective genre.
At age 12, determined to find his musical niche, Bigg began teaching himself the art of music production in an effort to make beats and become a creator of the music he had come to know and love. Simultaneously, the aspiring young producer also began learning the English language through lyrical content from some of his favorite artists and songs through a translation formula.
Since then, Bigg has been making beats over the last 11 years and honed his craft through many influences that surrounded him. He has created over 1,000 beat projects on his hard drive over this time period and has no intention of quitting anytime soon.
With big dreams on the horizon for Bigg, the determined and hard-working Artist and Producer is currently working on his debut Album “All Out”, which is comprised of over 20 tracks all self-produced/engineered/mixed and mastered. An Official Music Video for his single “Lowkey Stunning” has been shot in an effort to raise hype and public anticipation for the upcoming debut album. The video is finished and will be released shortly before the Album release.
As Bigg continues to work endlessly on his album release plans and the prospects of widening his fan base and music in general, be sure to keep in touch with him through his Social Media and Music Platforms.