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a Sydney-based rapper/producer/singer
Trying to make original rap music in a fashion that hasn’t been done before. Trying to carve out a new identity for Australian rappers who would otherwise just be remaking drake songs from 5 years ago… which is what everyone is doing but they’ll catch up hopefully.

I started writing songs in 2012 but it took me a while before I felt confident enough to show them to friends,” Bilby explains.

2013 – the first year of Biby – I released a bunch of EPs and split EPs that I cooked up in my bedroom in my spare time, (of which I had heaps back then). 2012 and 13 were very formative years for me musically and I kind of hit the ground running with this twangy, emo, bedroom folk. It took me a few years to break out of the super lo-fi style of my first releases and once I figured out how to put the beat in, 2 High and Botanicals came soon after.”

“Growing up in Allambie Heights was really cool. The entire suburb is surrounded by national park but you’d never realise driving through it. There’s a waterfall like ten minutes from the Westfield which seems crazy and Manly Dam is where I smoked like 70% of the weed I ever smoked. You put a kid in those burbs and put a Mount Eerie record on and that kid’s a nature child for life.” 

The Walkin 2 the Lake EP was a lot of fun and it was great to work my style into someone else’s beats though I’m definitely more comfortable making songs from scratch; it just sounds more Bilby. I LOVE Meltycanon though, so when I saw that you could lease beats straight from his website I fuckin just had to. I haven’t found another producer with beats that I want to immerse myself in quite like Melty.”