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solo artist & member of Improwise, and, Booze Bastards
Billy is a hugely respected MC in many circles. He makes the list for generally being uncensored and quite funny, but specifically for his song and subsequent video clip- ‘Devil’s Clay.’ The song is entirely concerned with the concept of hanging out on rooftops throwing human feces at people. I can’t think of much more grimy than that. The track is essentially humorous punchline after punchline, starting with ‘do not fuck with the rooftop dung-flicker’ to such gems as ‘youse didn’t ask for the fruits of me arse but ya copped it’ and ‘up on the rooftop, chokin a darkie, taking a Brad Pitt, layin cable like a sparkie.’ If you ignore the fact that throwing poo at people is disgusting(I do), then it is a very funny song. –

Bunks A Grainy Image
Billy Bunks Greyhound Eight

Billy Bunks – ‘Devils Clay’
You can write as much middle class introspective hug me music as you want but occasionally someone is going to write a song about throwing shit at people off a roof and make you look just as simple as you unfortunately are. Emotional wank for five minutes = easy. Catapulting turds into couplets = SKILLZZZZ – Funkoars

Billy Bunks on Millionaires Minute

Billy is now a Doctor.