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honours in Indigenous Studies at Melbourne University
ancestry is Butchulla and Nguburinji as well as English and Scottish
Asked to elect his top tomes, he brings up one by Bobbi Sykes – a poet and land rights campaigner who is also cited as a heroine by infamous female Aboriginal rapper Sky’high. “I constantly refer back to Sykes’s Love Poems and Other Revolutionary Actions,” says Birdz. “Sykes’s words continue to inspire me today, to be informed in the earlier years of the Black Australian struggle – in particular the era of the civil rights movement in Australia, from an Indigenous woman’s perspective, which sadly I think gets overlooked sometimes and isn’t afforded the attention it rightly deserves.”
cousin Fred Leone – also known as Rival MC of Impossible Odds and CEO of Impossible Odds Records
Born in Rockhampton, Queensland, but raised in the Northern Territory township of Katherine, now in Melbourne.
Bird spent two years in Canada on a student exchange, interacting with “the different native mob” (and its MCs). He also visited hip hop’s “birthplace” of New York. “That was really exciting – and just really inspiring as well.”
debut EP in 2013,
Supported acts such as Briggs, The Funkoars, Joelistics, and the Thundamentals on their 2015 ‘Elephant In The Room’ tour.