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Blessed – side project from Emcee Miracle started in 2017
BLESSED is basically that guy from Catch Me if You Can. Not because he’s a wanted criminal, but because he has many identities. When he’s not rapping solo, he’s producing under the moniker Miracle. His voice might already sound familiar, ’cause he delivered the brilliant hook on Manu Crook’s Blowin’ Up. This year, BLESSED says he’s working on music “that blends pop, rock and rap.” Our favourite track of his? Last year’s big tune Insanity.

In egoless yet unapologetic discourse, BLESSED seeks to break the pattern of suppressed human emotion. The richest moments of the self-produced Love Letters EP showcase an incapacity to express oneself which provokes the most powerful form of human expression: honesty.

Though set in a self-induced millennial world, BLESSED’s intricate sonic layers of soulful dialogue are what personify truth. The world in which these stories reside displays the clash between robotic perfection and flawed human instinct driven by love and soul.