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ince Blest’ 2010 introduction into the Australian Hip Hop world, Blest has been performing over Southern Queensland and New South Wales showcasing his forever evolving love for the art of Hip hop and the culture it brings. he has performed and or collaborated with artists such as Dazastah (Downsyde) and Layla (SBX) Thundamentals, Dialectrix, Joe New, Deejay Butcher, Funkoars, Tommy Illfiger, Dj Duskmuffin, DJ Immaculate, Chase, DJ Riley JM, NJE, 4fingerdiscount, Broken Word, Porsah laine, Complete, Sever, Defekt, Lazy Grey, Keno, Megan Vessi, QC, Sam Jones, Chance Waters,Mr Grevis, Enflux and many more great Australian artists just to name a few. Building up a repore with the Underground hip hop scene, Blest is now looking to expand his fan base around the country and create more Exposure around Australia. In Late 2013 Blest aims to be on a National Tour Showcasing his live music and solidifying his spot amongst the top Artists of Australia. Whilst working on his full Length album “King Of Hearts”. Unlike a “Hopeless Romantic,” a King of Hearts does not day dream about a romantic life, but has already lived through it and died from it. The King of Hearts is a symbolism of someone who is reborn, after the experience of both the joys and tragic pain of love. They then return and master love with more self respect. You can follow Blests movement and stay up to date by clicking LIKE on his Facebook Fan Page linked Below Once asked by a fellow Artist “what made you start doing Hip Hop?” Blest replied: I live hip hop, always have. Since i was a young kid i always found salvation in hip hop.. it helped me get through those rough times and helped me keep it real for all these years. “I reflect my life through my music, with lyrics straight from the heart. poetry of my life. I’m trying to bring that story telling experience into the homes and hearts of other people“ i love this shit. so i hope you love it too.