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Bliss n Eso are a Multi Platinum, ARIA Award-winning hip hop band based in Sydney, Australia.
Band Members MC Bliss,  MC Eso,  DJ Izm

Their 2010 album Running On Air debuted at the top of the ARIA Charts, knocking down Eminems album Recovery.
Appeared on Culture of Kings Vol. 2 Released in 2002

“When I got to Australia, I met Eso (MacKinnon) and he was the only guy at my school into hip-hop. It was so scarce you’d be lucky to find a hip-hop record in a store let alone a whole section.” – Jonathan “Bliss” Notley[3]
“Back then hip hop was basically non-existent; there was no urban or hip-hop section in the CD stores. You’d be lucky to find a couple of albums like a Public Enemy album or something if you went to the CD stores. So I guess that’s one of the reasons why Max, who’s Eso, and I kinda bonded at high school, I think, because he was really the only other guy in the school who was into hip-hop.” – Jonathan “Bliss” Notley

2004 saw the breakthrough of another 2 MC + DJ combo, from Maroubra, Sydney. Bliss n Eso’s Flowers in the Pavement introduced their characteristic style of heartfelt sincerity with tracks like ‘Watchdog Water Dragons’ sitting neatly beside raucous party anthems such as ‘Pigs in the Porn Trough.’


Appeared on the Nodfather compilation released in 2003

Featured on ‘Straight From The Art’ in 2004