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 I was among one of the first Hip Hop artists in Australia to experiment with live funk, reggae, Hip Hop & turntablism back around 1986 with a band called Drum Machine. The band Blow Sound Unit which ran from 1989 to 1993 was mine & Davey D’s creation. Phil Ransom deejayed for us a couple of time’s at Blunted. It was the band that I really cut my teeth on. Dave D was on bass, Danny D on guitar, Cameron on Drums, Nui TeKoha from the Island Boys did vocals for us, and I would go between the congas and turntables. We actually recorded an EP called Rocking the Establishment in 1990 which never saw the light of day, and had a flim clip out at the time. It was this group that got me primed to start 1200 Techniques later on in the nineties. – Dj Peril


if my memory serves me correct you and Ransom had a band called Blow running for a little while. I saw you guys at the Temple once or twice, and you would be up there cutting it up and playing bongos. It was dope! – Shan Frenzie