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Blue the Magi is a rapper and performer based out of Brisbane. With the aim of “articulating emotion”, Blue dives deep into his inner world to deliver relatable, moving music.

Taking the title of “Magi” from wise men and truth seekers of old, Blue dives deep to explore the complex interplay of emotions and perspectives that create our reality, extracts their truths, and returns with insight through what can only be described as a musical Hero’s Journey.

With a year of active experience and an EP already under his belt, Blue has already begun to distinguish himself as an extremely capable songwriter and potent performer, having played numerous shows and festivals, provided support as a hype man and MC’d multiple events.

“Articulating Emotion” is the MO of the 26 year old, and with recent life changing events, Blue is primed to release some of his most moving music yet.

Megasonic Bandits at their Brisbane debut in 2019