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Bob Balans – appeared on the compilation Culture of Kings volume 2, released in 2002. Also on the Rock Da City Compilation

Balans “Lyrical Commission”

Balans: It was a rhyme I wrote that I wanted to sound like a government letter or some corporate law manual type-shit. I remember saying to Jase, ‘Just use that piano loop.’ I wanted a simple beat and he tapped it out pretty quick on his keyboard. It’s a dope, sinister beat. I said I wanted a beat like Touch The Mic by 7L & Eso with Virtuoso. I always thought my vocals could’ve been pumped up more on it, I would’ve liked to have done it again. But Nuffsaid put it out on wax so I have to give credit – they got off their arses and did it. This was way before we’d thought about a name for the crew, and Trem came up with calling us Lyrical Commission. He was gonna write a track saying he was the janitor of the Lyrical Commission mopping up MCs and shit, which would have been good value.

Featured on The Formula released in 1999 on Wild Child Productions – cassette only.

Appeared on the ‘Now You Know’ compilation in 2005 released on Nuffsaid Records