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Lazy Grey and Len One, along with Melbourne MC Bias B, were in a crew called Boney & Stoney. Boney & Stoney released a self-titled EP in 1999, which has become known as one of the top pioneering releases of Australian hip hop. It was rated as the number 1 Australian hip hop 12″ record by Melbourne-based DJ/producer Doc Felix.

The group reformed for individual performances in more recent years, including a show in Perth in December 2010[8] and at a gig forming part of the Robert Hunter Cup in Melbourne in October 2012 in memory of MC Hunter


BONEY STONEY (lazy grey/bias b/len wun) – ‘LYRICAN LUNCH’N’
oh man this fkn BEAT. just forever insane shit right here. Lazys ‘alright here’s the mic i bet there’s nothing you could show me’ one of the loudest lines screamed at every party I rocked too only to be outdone by the Len 1/Bias cut/chorus. one of the earliest examples we had of cross country connections that we adopted pretty heavily with our Hospice homies. – Funkoars