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in 2006, 3oB met melbourne rapper Rex Axis Mundi (or COX-1 aka The C-OH, aka Seige as he was known back then) through DJ Heptune. When Organic Intalekt played live at Laundry, COX-1 jumped up and spat some very impressive flows over the group’s stripped-back live beats. After a few hiphop open mics and jams back in Abbottsford, the 2 emcess started making tracks under the duo name Boom Industry. The sound was and is fresh because both Bogey and Coxy were outsiders in Melbourne so their voices and content sounded unique in an increasingly homogenous local scene. Though they have drifted far geographically (to Bendigo and Canberra), Boom Industry have remained together and are currently exchanging beats, lyrics and concepts for the debut release. Check out two fat colabs on the 3oB album 3ocloc Bogey (2013): Espousers and Stick up