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  • Albury/Wodonga bred, Melbourne-based artist Boy Graduate is one of Australia’s most dynamic songwriters, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two diverse genres of Pop and Hip-Hop.Boy Graduate has dropped numerous EP’s across the last few years, including his 2016 EP, ‘Girl To Boy Ratio’, which included popular singles such as ‘Too Cool For That’ (produced by Cam Bluff), ‘Never Watch TV’ and ‘She Don’t Believe Me’. However, Boy Graduate kicked off his 2017 in a huge way, and it only looks like it’s going to get bigger from here on out.After releasing his new mixtape, ‘I’m In The Same Room Where I Made My First Tape’, Boy Graduate co-headlined a national tour with ‘Dayones’ label-mates Dex and Narly, and after a successful tour, he found himself as Bliss N Eso’s main support for their national ‘Dopamine’ tour.After performing to thousands every night on the Bliss N Eso tour, Boy Graduate has now dropped his new EP, titled ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’, with long-time collaborator and producer Hamley (Allday).With a loyal fan base and rapidly growing social media following, Boy Graduate’s future boasts no boundaries, and is only met with major ambition.”Keep seeing this young dude gaining traction and connecting with new listeners who’re clearly drawn to his earnest vulnerability. Definitely one to keep an eye on.” – Dave Ruby Howe (Triple J)