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Music has always been a major part of BRB’s life. He took an interest in DJ-ing and reciting rhymes at a young age, and over the past decade has evolved into a well-established and respected musician with great depth. Originally from the US with South American heritage and now based in Australia, BRB combines US east coast flow with a west coast flair in a laid back Aussie style. Cleverly written lyrics coupled with powerful freestyle result in his entertaining and moving songs. Able to play rhythm and percussion with original tracks and his own DJ work BRB brings a powerful duo of beats and rhymes together into one. Philosophical in approach tocreating songs , BRB uses Hip Hop to inspire, encourage and uplift his listeners. He will often shock and entertain a crowd by incorporating his immediate surroundings into freestyle raps – he adds life to any show from small gatherings to large festivals. BRB produces a professional sound quality while telling an honest story which connects with his listeners. A talented multilingual artist, witty emcee, and a superb freestylist, he brings spontaneity to recordings, performances and hosting events. BRB is a seasoned artists and performer and will not disappoint. The Hook Up: BRB’s music is available on most digital retailers like iTunes, Spotify, Google play etc. For his full catalog visit Bandcamp you can follow him and catch his most recent events, on Twitter , Instagram as well as Facebook. More info: BRB worked with well-known Aussie Hip Hop crew ‘Metaphysical Combat’ for over 4 years. In 2006 he founded Metaphysical Productions (MP), an independent production company based in Canberra. MP has hosted and sponsored many events in Australia’s capital with a primary focus on community outreach working closely with Krosswerdz as team leader for Canberra. In addition to his own music career, BRB teaches Rhyme And Related Elements workshops (R.A.R.E. hip hop for short) and co-founded Australia’s ‘Definition Radio’. He has gleaned significant experience and has a dedicated following in the Australian hip hop scene as an emcee, composer, DJ, producer, and mentor.