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duo from Sydney consisting of Mistery & Wizdm. Formed in 1989, first release in 1995. They have performed at many festivals including Big Day Out, Livid and Blackstump Music Festival and are well known for their community work. They also appeared in the Australian Hip Hop Documentary ‘Basic Equipment’ in 1998.  

Appeared on Culture of Kings Vol. 2 Released in 2002
Brethren are some of the founding members of Sydney Hip Hop. Celebrating 20 yrs as a crew with the release of their epic new album “Bastion” in 2009 they are a testament to the strength and longevity of a culture people had labeled a fad in the 80’s

I think they’ve been a kind of major Hip Hop group on the Sydney scene. I thought they were particularly interesting because they did a track in Spanish and they were probably one of the first groups to use languages other than English, which is a tendency which seems to be increasing now. For the fact that they have been involved in all of the elements of Hip Hop. – Tony Mitchell

Their old school they’ve been around longer than any snot nosed kid wants to get up and talk about. So it’s also about young people learning their history, about Australian Hip Hop too. And I think they get the utmost respect from everybody. And the fact that they’re Christian, I think that just reflects in their music and their values and what they talk about. But they are. Like Mistery’s never come up to me and said let me tell you about you know, Christian faith – Maya Jupiter

Featured on Home Brewz Volume 2 released in 1997

Featured on Phat Tape Show Freestyles Compilation cassette release in 1999