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Solo Artist and Member of A.B. Original, and, 912

There’s no such thing as black and white hip-hop, just good and bad

His indigenous roots and his rural upbringing in the small country town of Shepparton (Victoria) gave him a perspective like no one else. Powered by a rapid-fire, melodic, direct approach, BRIGGS was as funny as he was deep.
It was this rare combination of characteristics that lead to him being embraced by some of the wiser and more experienced heads in the local scene. The newcomer was invited to open for the likes of Adelaide’s Funkoars and Perth’s Drapht.
Then came a great opportunity – the opening slot on a sold-out national tour with the Hilltop Hoods. The Hoods instantly connected with BRIGGS and were so impressed by his performance they took him along on their 2009 European tour, and eventually offered him a home at their fledgling label Golden Era Records.
All this paved the way for the release of his debut album, THE BLACKLIST. While Homemade Bombs gave us a taste of what he can do, THE BLACKLIST was nothing short of brilliance. A genuinely unique symphony of words, thoughts and sounds.
Briggs toured tirelessly around the country with Hilltop Hoods, solo and supporting international tours with the likes of Ice Cube, Yelawolf, DOOM, Ghostface Killah and Pharoahe Monch.
Then it went quiet. He had a kid and seemed disillusioned not only with hip-hop but with music.
We often hear of the “Difficult Second Album”, the theory is that an artist has had his whole life to make the first album and about 12 months to make the second.
As with most labels this does not apply to Briggs. After time to reflect he went back to writing and recording.
The result is SHEPLIFE.
SHEPLIFE is the culmination of generations of observations, experiences and stories. The aggression is there but it’s tempered with a thoughtfulness that is always the separator between the good and great artists. As he said himself: “If The Blacklist was the punch in the face, ShepLife is why I punched you in the face.”
With appearances from Ill Bill, Joyride, Sietta and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu SHEPLIFE is the album by which Briggs will compared to for his whole career and he likes that, the good ones always thrive on pressure.
Briggs – ‘Bad Apples’
The brother Briggs has constantly been a voice for me and my peoples so to see him getting that voice out in the mainstream world has been a beautiful thing to watch. Produced by the lo-fi lo-pan master DJ Jaytee this tune has the exact right kind of knock to break necks and take you directly to that rural Australian reality. – Funkoars

“It’s testament to a lot of the work that has been put in to the last ten years, but rap music here has slowly been chipping away at the big machine. Standard ‘Australian’ rap got tiresome, and with diversity comes creativity in songwriting. Now that rap music has been more accepted, it brings more people to the table”.