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I would like to introduce to you Buddhafied a promising Sydney hip hop act with it’s roots so deep in the Australian music scene it would take an L.A. style earthquake to shake them lose. (3D Magazine) Buddhafied is the creation of Mc Buda (Will Almeida) a seasoned performer from the Sydney music scene originally from one of the founding Australian rap groups Bad Reputation. Brazilian born and coming to Sydney at an early age Buda was the pioneer of fusing together live instrumentation and mixing it with his Brazilian heritage, fat bass lines, swinging hip hop beats and samples which would then create a distinctive and original urban sound of his own. The latest album Dialect of Reason is a combination of soulful hip-hop with clever melodies and catchy hooks. The ambience of tracks like 2 Be Real, Mystical Maneuvers and the distinctive thumping beats of Get Up and Wicked Tongue make for easy listening and dancing. The first single off the album, Get Up which has proven to be extremely successful with the club and radio DJ’s, takes the listener to another level of Australian Hip Hop. The single has been played on high rotation on Triple J, FBI and Alchemy play lists and is getting great reviews nationally. Having also been asked to contribute a track (Mad Mad World) on the upcoming Warner Bros urban compilation album Street Beat, Buddhafied has toured nationally around Australia promoting the album. Buddhafied is Will Almeida who produces, arranges and performs all of his material and DJ P Smoke. With a versatile showcase Buddhafied has access to some of Sydney’s best musicians as a back up band. This enables Buddhafied to also cater for the live music scene. The group has been actively playing around Sydney at such venues as the Basement, The Gaelic Club, and The Vanguard and also with recent television appearances on Spin TV ; the Planet X games.


band members

MC Buda – Vocals Dauno Martinez – Bass Andro Martinez – Guitar Fenix Martinez – Keys Kevin Mendoza – Drums