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Caiti Baker, acclaimed genre-bending musician and performer from Darwin, has entered a new chapter. It begins with a rebirth of musical ownership and a strong desire to create the art that has been silently building up within the confines of the grey matter that is her past and present. Assured in her unprecedented sense of musicality, Caiti moves forward creatively by producing and directing her artistic collaborators James Mangohig and brothers Paul and John Bartlett aka SixFour.

Since releasing her debut album Zinc in 2017, Caiti spent 2 years touring and collecting accolades for her musical and performance abilities. When she wasn’t performing, Caiti was in the studio writing, producing and recording new material. After logging off social media and achieving personal milestones, Caiti began a collaborative partnership with creative powerhouse Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. Together, they have created (yet to be released) laudable work that is nothing short of stunning.

And so, a new chapter begins. A new sound, a new vision and a new live show.

On September 6 2019, Caiti Baker returns with “Gone”, a song of rebirth. Her emotionally charged lyrics are about facing the end of a journey and beginning a new chapter; being reborn unashamedly into strength and love. Matched with a short narrative film from the wondrous imagination that is Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore’s mind, “Gone” just might leave Caiti’s fans new and old longing for more.