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Hip Hop artist and producer Caper was born and raised by his single mother in Whyalla, South Australia along with his brother and sister, never knowing his father. Spending much of his early life facing adversity raised in public housing & women’s shelters, the cycle sadly continued for Caper losing his Brother & Mother to heart disease. Facing the challenge head on he decided to remain strong and pursue his dreams of becoming an AFL footballer and moved to Adelaide.

It was here that instead of aiming at goalposts he spent more and more time ingrained in his other passion, music. He began writing lyrics and pushed himself to develop his craft both as a writer and a producer, constantly honing his skills to become a complete artist. Caper’s unique and uplifting sound delivers a flurry of songs that are a soundtrack to his upbringing, his struggle and his dreams all entwined into flowing insightful poetry over self-produced beats.

Caper’s world class music is reaching audiences locally, nationally and around the world through his past 3 releases:

Believe EP – Caper – 2013 Deep Thought EP – Caper – 2014 South Paw Mixtape – Caper 2014

Currently Caper’s new 6 track EP titled ‘One Day’ will be dropping May 2016 with a swagger of videos to follow, Caper will then return to working diligently to complete his debut album with a 2017 release date.


Record Label
Lion Heart Nation