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Canberra based Capslock Collective, members include Stateovmind

Capslock Collective is a collaborative project between six Canberra hip hop acts: Coda Conduct, Context, Semantix, Stateovmind, Toddla and Nix. Each of these artists has a unique sound yet they all share the same passion for building their local hip hop community and raising Canberra’s standing on a national scale.Coda Conduct is a hip hop duo consisting of members Erica and Sally. Their style ranges from laid back, thoughtful and sincere to cheeky, upbeat and braggadocio. brings a modern take to an old school style, fusing sample based beats with relevant lyrics and on point delivery.
Semantix consists of two emcees, Adam and Matthew Higgins (Aplus and Mattrix), drummer Seain Ward (Obsene) and DJ Rhys Dennewald (DJ Danggers) who have all been passionate about their hip hop from an early age. With energetic flow and hard hitting beats, they are a force not to be reckoned with.
Stateovmind can be best described as a fan first, who mixes thoughts, moods and experiences into his lyrics, and always believes in the power of the message in music.
Toddla is far from your average hip hop artist. Spawning from the primordial soup leaking from the seedy underbelly of the Australia’s capital… Part heavy metal underlord, part rap maniac.
Nix’s music is a reflection of his everyday life, from the tough life decisions we have to make to the emotions that come with heartbreak. His style can be described as sincere and heartfelt, with a boom-bap twist.