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MC CERIUS An emerging culture in the 70’s was transforming poverty and prejudice into street art, identity, self determination, expression and unity giving opportunities for those whose voice would not have been heard otherwise, it was the birth of a culture and also a woman who today is most Cerius about it, Hip Hop. It was 3 decades that saw vinyl then cassette tapes and now the age of digital domination common placing hard-disk recording studios at home, seizing this opportunity MC Cerius stepped up. Naturally outspoken & always talking Cerius & the Mic go hand in hand. She encourages thought to provoke awareness pushing ignorance toward insight until truth is met. Her spiritual & political connection with country defines her lyrical scope. Delivering tight flows in a unique style that substantiates her warped enthusiasm on topic matter contrary to the norm. Furthermore Cerius is the pioneer & promoter of Brisbane’s ‘Young Guns’ a regular hiphop event for up’n’comin local artists. A platform for new performers to showcase their original material, provide experience and the opportunity to gain exposure & get their voices heard. Since it began in April 2006, Young Guns has promoted over 70 acts. Ready to hit the stage once again but this time armed with a debut solo LP due for release 2008 of late. Raw & intrinsic, Cerius has madness to the method perfected. Stay tuned for some Cerius good shit.