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Whether the soundscape is traditional boom bap, bass-heavy trap or UK Drill-inspired, CG Fez weaves through each instrument with ease, but with purpose. He is never too proud to address his shortcomings and never too shy to talk about his beliefs.

Forever Ever is Hau Lakutefu’s new label, with CG Fez, from Western Sydney,  being the latest signing following Perth rapper Hoodzy.

“Being presented with an opportunity like this doesn’t come too often in life,” CG Fez said of the song in a statement.

“When your dream and life goal correlates, a part of me feels as if the world conspires for it to happen. Music is my love, and to bring a contrast to the world is my goal. So being able to team up with the family at Forever Ever and the crew at Sony only felt right.

“Which leads me to ‘Take 1’. It’s raw and gritty, the same texture we have in our lives out in the west. Which is why I think it’s the perfect kick start to my journey.”

“What captivated me about [CG Fez] was his wordplay, bars, storytelling, but most importantly, the conviction in which he delivers it all, and his willingness to listen and learn,” Lakutefu said of Fez in a recent social media post.

“Some may not be familiar with the name, but trust… it’ll be a name hard to forget by the end of the year.”