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Changed name to $chade in 2020

lilbrvd is an Australian artist with a passion to thrive and grow his name as well as his image, lilbrvd wants to show that the long steering direction Rap in Australia or “AusRap” for short, has taken to its more Grimy or Less Professional Contenders doesn’t always need to be the way we go with Australians making music,  as most of you would already know that some people think it should all be made in the same tone or the same way if you’re from Australia but the truth is, the sky is the limit and you can push the boundaries as far as you ever imagined no matter what other people say about it. That’s what lilbrvd is about and he wants to show everyone but especially the youth of this country, that we all have potential inside of us somewhere, we just have to find it and use it the beat we can to achieve what we all really want in life.

lilbrvd is currently working on a mini documentary series for Facebook/YouTube and also a upcoming mixtape titled “KUNG FU” set to release in the early 2020.