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Welcome to the 420family, we stay high and enjoy good vibes with good music, all of my fans are apart of the 420Family so big up to all of you..

A versatile hip hop artist, one of the last few emcee’s who really about his wordplay, lyrics and being able to flex on all different styles, we literally do every type of genre, and we are here to stay and put the work in..

From traditional hip hop, to new wave trap, to grime, to acoustic hip hop, to rnb, right down to just your basic weed smokin vibe type music, no style is untouched, all of your music needs are covered right here, which is why you sleepin if you aint apart of this yet, trust me when i say you’ll know soon enough..

Add my snapchat and facebook to keep up with our daily antics, and the life of a hip hop head and weed enthusiast who’s here to change the worlds perception of Australian hip hop..


Ten years ago, me saying “I’m going to start rapping”, that was a manifestation of where I am now. Before we announced the tour, I said, “This is going to sell out, this is going to kill it.” Not saying “I hope”, but saying “I know”. If you give off a really good vibe, really good people will want to be around you. It’s the same with your goals. If you’re doubting your goal, you’re going to fall a tiny bit short. But if you’re 110% in it, even in a worst case scenario where you fall short, you haven’t left a stone unturned. You’ve given it your all, you went for it. You just have to be willing to die for it. I’m a big believer in that. I’m an introverted thinker. I think a lot about this stuff.