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Chong Ali is a Vietnamese Australian Indie Rapper from Brisbane, Australia. Playing stages such as ‘Bigsound’, ‘Woodford Folk Festival’, ‘Valley Fiesta’, the iconic ‘Stylin’ Up Festival’ and the ‘BrisAsia Festival’, Chong has earnt the reputation as a fierce live emcee performing with the rap groups ‘EMR’ and ‘Pistola Ave’ and touring with the award winning ‘Culture Train’. He made his long awaited debut as a solo artist in 2017 with the internationally acclaimed single ‘My Cool‘. His latest single ‘Rose Coloured Tint‘ was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious ‘Queensland Music Awards 2018’ and has been celebrated by not only Hip Hop junkies but by music lovers in general.


Born in Brisbane’s outer suburbs, Chong Ali is a product of the Vietnamese diaspora after his parents successfully escaped the Vietnam war. Growing up in a melting pot of cultures, influences, and conversations, Chong proudly represents the southern neighbourhoods in his raps and lyrics, where he first discovered Hip Hop culture.

Drawing from the rich sights and sounds around him, Chong Ali formed the rap group ‘EMR’ with a couple of friends and released their debut album ‘Elevate’. The crew later rebranded themselves as ‘Pistola Ave.’ and it was in these collaborative environments that Chong Ali developed his abilities as a rapper and producer. Now performing as a solo artist Chong pushes his artistic limits as he galvanises his message of authentic representation and unflinching story telling.

Chong Ali weaves seamlessly between boom bap hip hop and trap inspired rap music. He delivers a fluid yet gritty flow, the perfect tool to describe the world around him as he writes love letters to his neighbourhood and its people.