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Cidi is an 18 year old South Sudanese-Australian rapper & songwriter making waves out of Adelaide. Born in Kenya to South Sudanese parents amidst the civil war of their home country, Cidi moved to Australia at the age of 4. First residing in Tassie and later Adelaide where he would come to grow mentally and musically into the lyricist he is today.

A “fan of the art form first, artist second”, as he appreciates the artistry and music’s true impact. From which he was inspired to carry forth to others.

Naturally crafted to inspire through music. Whether its through electrifying fusions and untouchable razor-sharp lyricism, on classic and new age Hip-Hop productions or tantalising smooth and subtle Trap-Soul. Come on a trip with this Adelaide-bred youngster fueled with a hunger and passion to make an already proven impact in the industry.

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